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John Costigan, born in 1888, was a largely self-taught "pastoralist", painting scenes of everyday life on rural farms of upstate New York. He also worked as a sketch artist for H. Miner Lithography Company for 22 years. Costigan started out painting with the palette-knife. His later work was executed by loading the brush with paint and placing short dabs of color onto the canvas. From a distance, all variations on the surface blend together, giving an Impressionistic feel.


He was well known for his unity in subject matter, texture and emotion. Often his paintings reflected the joys of motherhood and the security of childhood. "Early Morning in the Fields" depicts a woman in a clearing, holding a child above her head with tenderness and affection. They are in the company of lambs and goats, observing peacefully.


Costigan moved to Orangeburg, NY, and isolated town and died in 1972.

Study Of Woman At The Brook

John Edward Costigan

1888-1972 American