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Louis J. Feuchter

American 1885-1957

Master Artist of Chesapeake Bay Boats and Maryland Landscapes


Louis Feuchter was born in Baltimore.  At age 12 he received a scholarship to the Maryland Institute of Art.  In his twenties he frequently visited the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  Here he began painting and documenting the Chesapeake Bay workboats.  His attention to detail and his mastery at capturing the surroundings of the watercraft is evident in his paintings.  In the late 1940s he was commissioned to paint a series of workboat paintings for the Mariner’s Museum in Newport News.  Other museums owning his work include:  the Maryland Historical Society, the Calvert Marine Museum and the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.  This collection of paintings, drawings and watercolors descended from the family of the artist. 

Pungy Wave

Bugeye Running Under Shortened Sail

Caradora Schooner

Rest and PlayFeuchter_Rest_and_Play.html

Schooner Under Sail


Ball Game in the Park